We invest in companies with strategies to explicitly develop all (pan) forms of capital - financial, human, environmental and social - since we believe these companies are better positioned to deliver sustainable growth and returns over the long term.

We carefully assess the idiosyncratic risks associated with the four forms of capital and require a sincere focus on each by the management teams of the companies we invest in.

As long-term investors some of the areas we take into account when voting:   

  • Executive Management Team KPIs

  • Remuneration

  • Independence of Board

  • Diversity

  • Accountability On All Four Forms Of Capital


Panarchy Partners has been a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) since early 2019. 


Panarchy Partners is one of 52 global investment organizations that support the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)'s sustainable palm oil group. We are proud to give our support to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), and call for the palm oil industry to adopt and implement publicly available No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation Policies. More information on this group is available from PRI's website here.

Our Sustainability Analyst Tayef Quader is also a selected advisory committee member of the following committees at the UN PRI:

  1. Investor Reference Group on Corporate Reporting

  2. Investor Working Group on Sustainable Palm Oil


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