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There is increasing recognition, as evidenced by the ever-growing focus on ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors, that we cannot continue to strip our world’s resources, abuse human capital and ignore social contracts. Likewise, investments cannot continue to ignore and outsource their negative externalities while focusing only on profits. The investment industry’s conventional approach to social, human and environmental capital by blindly pursuing only financial wealth, shareholder value and economic growth is unsustainable. 

For a firm, we look for Purpose alongside Respect on all forms of capital - which are two sides of the same coin. Our investments exhibit Purpose by exerting significant influence, directly and via second-degree effects, on their extended ecosystem including their suppliers, competitors, customers, governments and shareholders. Purpose has a role to transform businesses. In a world of disruption, purpose can be an impetus to evolve. It’s a lever driving innovation and transformation for growth, and more often than not it also leads to the improvement of society, the environment and other stakeholders. 

Respect and Resilience are two traits we recognise when we partner with our clients and stakeholders. Respect of a company’s surroundings and its ecosystem, and respect for the wishes and concerns of all stakeholders who represent the four forms of capital, are necessary preconditions to sustainability. Resilience completes the picture when company management  1) acts with purpose in fulfilling the wishes of their stakeholders, 2) is innovative in order to avoid becoming obsolete, and 3) is flexible in reacting appropriately to the ever-changing environment and responsibilities. 

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