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We believe that Purpose driven companies that improve and sustain progress on human, environmental and social capital, whilst incorporating them into their business models not only ensure long-term sustainable financial returns but a positive impact on their ecosystem and the world. 

We look for companies whose Purpose is to make a positive change for all stakeholders, including shareholders. Through Panvesting, we seek out proof of that Purpose. Companies that have strategies to explicitly develop all (pan) forms of capital - financial, human, environmental and social in line with their Purpose are better positioned to deliver sustainable growth and returns over the long-term.


A Panvestor is a person or an organisation that focuses on all forms of capital: Human, Social, Environmental and Financial – with the expectation of achieving return and progress on all. 


Our Panvestment Companies take a stakeholder approach and treat all forms of capital as assets, thus delivering sustainable returns and progress for all stakeholders, including shareholders.  

A New Paradigm Of Investing – Panvesting

We believe that Respect for and sustained progress on: Human, Environmental and Social capital are required in order to also ensure sustainable returns on Financial Capital. Furthermore, we believe a focus on all forms of capital, with targets delivered through innovation and flexibility make a company Resilient. Together Respect and Resilience make a company sustainable and financially rewarding.

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The History of Wealth Creation vs Sustainability can be seen in the following diagram. Investing and wealth creation has varied where wealth historically had been created only for emperors, kings and conquerors.

The Industrial revolution in the 18th century brought with it wealth for the masses, an uplift in social conditions but also the start of environmental degradation as the global population approached one billion and fossil fuels powered economic growth.

Since 1900, the democratisation of wealth through capital markets plus the invention of “GDP growth” as a measure of economic strength has meant that all other forms of capital have been side-lined or ignored.

 With financial assets at 3.5x global GDP, a new paradigm of investing and definition of wealth is needed, one that respects and requires returns on Human, Social, Environmental Capital, along with Financial Capital.

 This is Panvesting – the respect for all forms of capital.


Panvesting is the next, and for us at Panarchy Partners, the required evolution of investing.

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Founding Panvestor CEO

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