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Teesside University

Raghav completed his undergraduate study in Information Technology from Teesside University, United Kingdom through the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). Being a huge computers and technology enthusiast, his desire to learn about and gain experience in web designing led him to undertake an internship with Panarchy Partners.


I had an amazing experience during my internship with Panarchy Partners. The team has been such an inspiration and a positive influence on me, which motivates me to become a better person overall in whatever I do. I have learnt a good amount related to my technical domain and also gained valuable insight into ESG, the importance of sustainable investing and corporate sustainability practices as well as personal finance. 


In my opinion, Panvesting is a fresh and powerful concept that would eventually be the cornerstone for all-round growth in the long term for both companies and individuals while ensuring the sustenance of the environment.

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