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Meet the CFO of the Future, Today.

CFO of the Future 

As Panvestors, we believe that companies that respect and target Human, Social and Environmental capital as much as Financial capital will become "Resilient". They treat all these forms of capital as “Assets” and not mere “Expenses”; incorporate them into their business models through innovation and organisational flexibility. These resilient companies, whilst contributing to sustainable development should also deliver solid financial returns and progress on all forms of capital over time. 

Who is best equipped to help us prove this Causation? 

A company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Today I will introduce you to the CFO of the future. In the future, a company’s CFO will need to not only understand and explain the financials of a company, but will also need to authorise, monitor, review and disclose how the company’s investments in human, social and environmental capital are paying off. What is the cause and effect of their efforts? How only when all stakeholders are managed within the business model, can we as shareholders sustain our financial returns. 

At Panarchy Partners we have already found some of these rare and evolved CFOs', who not only take care of financial capital but are also Chief Sustainability Officers (CSO). Today I have the honour of asking the “How” from one such CFO/CSO of the future. 

Without further ado, let’s welcome TG Limcaoco, CFO of Ayala Corp


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