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Beyond COP - Climate Investing At Scale

As we finish 2023, COP28 captured global headlines, with mixed messaging for the fight on climate change. We cannot rely on COP alone. At Panarchy Partners we have been advocating the need for genuine and at scale climate investing, for impact, especially in the listed equities space.

In this month's ARCUS, the Panarchy Partners' team share some of the results from our examination of over 4400 publicly listed companies' climate investment opportunities. 2400 of them (54%) shared with CDP a monetary value related to climate related financial opportunities that amounted to $8.1 trillion. Our team undertook a “deeper dive” with a shortlist of 188 companies with $6.1 trillion of climate related financial opportunity. The team then concluded with two examples of potential company ideas (not recommendations) demonstrating the powerful use of data to find opportunities in climate investing.

Advocacy aside, in 2024, Panarchy Partners will launch the Asian Gigaton Fund (AGF), a portfolio of Asia Pacific companies that with our help should achieve 1 billion tn of carbon savings in the coming decade. More on AGF in 2024...

Wishing you all a safe, peaceful and healthy end to 2023.

Happy Panvesting,

Munib Madni,

Founding Panvestor

Panarchy Partners’ team members Wei Xiong Loh, Ajay Mirchandani and Kaia Tan discuss their CDP deep dive findings in this month's ARCUS.


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