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Hearty Purpose, Material Returns

Investors globally are struggling to make sense of the economic outlook with central banks trying to manage a precarious balance between inflation, interest rates and growth. Capital markets on the other hand are defying gravity, especially equity markets, with a handful of companies creating an optical illusion of a bull market in the making. At Panarchy Partners we are not immune to economic cycles and are cognizant of market volatility. However, our conviction and investments in Purpose-driven companies provides a solid anchor to ride out these volatile times. In today's Arcus, the Panarchy Team members devote time to highlighting one such purpose driven company - Edwards Lifesciences.

Edwards Lifesciences is creating positive change in its industry and in people’s lives through innovation focused on surgical structural heart therapies. We seek companies such as Edwards that exemplify what it means to Panvest; showing respect to and seeking progress across all forms of capital: Human. Social, Environmental and Financial Capital. Enjoy Esther, Ben and Conrad's discussion below.

Please note the views and opinions expressed in our ARCUS do not represent investment advice. Any viewers or readers seeking investment advice should speak to an independent financial advisor.

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