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Edenred: At the Forefront of Human Capital Innovation

Most of the investment community is once again consumed by the banking system fragility; Central Banks' actions; recession or no recession; amongst all the geopolitics that has become even more complicated since we dealt with Covid.

At Panarchy Partners we are not immune to these events. However, our conviction and investments in Purpose-driven companies provides a solid anchor to ride out these storms. In today's Arcus, the Panarchy Team members devote time to highlighting one such purpose driven company - Edenred.

Edenred, through innovation is making a positive change to how employers take care of their employees. As Panvestors we seek companies such as Edenred that show respect to and seek progress on all forms of capital: Human. Social, Environmental and Financial Capital.

Please enjoy Kaia, Ben and Conrad's conversation.

Kaia Tan, Conrad Werner and Ben Yeoh discuss Edenred

Please note the views and opinions expressed in our ARCUS do not represent investment advice. Any readers seeking investment advice should speak to an independent financial advisor.


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