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Singapore Management University

Merlene is a penultimate student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management, with a double major in Marketing and Sustainability. She truly believes that sustainability is a long-term asset that can be built into a firm’s strategy and that is the way for businesses to last forever. Drawn by the Panvest philosophy of balancing all four forms of capital (financial, environmental, social and human), she took up the internship with Panarchy Partners to gain a deeper understanding of sustainability through impact investing by fund managers.


“My internship experience has been unlike any other I've encountered. It was a delightful blend of fun and invaluable mentorships! In the first five weeks, I had the privilege of delving into the world of sustainable impact investing and applying the proprietary Resilience Analysis framework to source for genuine purpose-driven companies that set and deliver SMART target goals. This is a versatile skill set that holds relevance across industries for sustainable development. Throughout the last five weeks, I got the opportunity to contribute to the Panarchy Partner’s Global Panvest Forum 2023, by analyzing climate-related opportunities. This taught me how climate change can be viewed as a catalyst for positive change, fostering innovation while addressing the challenges it presents.


It has been a rewarding journey that has helped me grow both personally and professionally. Thank you Panarchy for the fruitful experience!”

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