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Nanyang Technological University

Leo Soo is a first-year Environmental Engineering student at Nanyang Technological University with a keen interest in finance and its intersection with sustainability. Balancing his school life, he actively engages in entrepreneurship, trading, gymming, and traveling during his leisure time. Leo aspires to build a career in the financial industry, combining his environmental expertise with financial acumen to drive positive change.


During his internship, Leo had the invaluable opportunity to conduct sustainability analyses for various companies. This experience deepened his understanding of how sustainable business practices can significantly impact a company's performance, and he gained valuable insights into analysing financial data. Additionally, Leo contributed to a project focused on carbon markets, further expanding his knowledge in this crucial area.


Leo reflects on his internship with gratitude, expressing how enriching the experience was, and how he thoroughly enjoyed his time with the Panarchy team. Their mentorship played a vital role in his growth and development, cementing his passion for integrating finance and sustainability to create a more sustainable future.

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