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National University of Singapore

Jordan is a second year student from the National University of Singapore pursuing a major in Industrial Systems Engineering. He enjoys discussing investment-related topics and aspires to be an investment analyst upon graduation despite having an engineering background. He took up an internship at Panarchy Partners because the firm’s investment mandate along with philosophy aligns strongly with his beliefs.

“ At Panarchy Partners, I am blessed to have received the guidance of the full-timers working there. Their patience to teach the interns is admirable, and the knowledge that they shared will truly go a long way. Learning under Panarchy Partners has taught me to understand the true value of investing in sustainable companies, and how ESG is a factor that we must consider in our investment decisions.

Another rewarding part of the internship experience is getting to know and collaborate in projects with like-minded and driven peers which value-added to my experience for the project. I believe that a firm like Panarchy Partners attracts the best individuals, and my working experience with them during the 10 – week program is something that I’ll look back on from time to time in the future.

In conclusion, my experience in Panarchy Partner was extremely pleasant and I will forever be grateful for the strong foundation that the firm has taught me. Thank you Panarchy Partners for this internship opportunity! “

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