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National University of Singapore

Huiyi is a Geography graduate from the National University of Singapore. She is a firm supporter of corporate sustainability, which not only helps to preserve long-term business interests, but minimises harm to the environment and society. She believes that sustainable finance is key in addressing today’s environmental and social challenges, given the crucial need to build a more sustainable world.

My internship at Panarchy Partners exposed me to the world of sustainable investing and the philosophy of Panvesting. It taught me about the importance of developing multiple forms of capital – financial, environmental, social and human – be it for businesses or for any organisation. Beyond that, my greatest takeaway from the internship was the people, who provided a lot of fun, valuable mentorship, and a great working environment. I am certain that sustainable investing will become even more significant in the years to come and I am glad to have had the opportunity to learn from, and work alongside this team of passionate individuals.

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