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Nanyang Technological University

Angeline is a Penultimate student from Nanyang Technological University, with a double major in Environmental Earth Systems Science and Public Policy and Global Affairs. She strongly believes in integrating sustainability into corporate business practices while understanding the unique challenges that individual companies face. Emphasising the significance of sustainable finance, she views it as a vital link between fostering social responsibility and achieving profitable growth for businesses. She envisions a future where businesses can thrive while contributing to a more sustainable world. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and exploring new food places.


‘My experience at Panarchy Partners has been truly remarkable. The team at Panarchy genuinely cares about the growth of their interns and actively provides mentorship. This internship has given me invaluable exposure to various aspects of ESG and how companies can effectively integrate them. Utilising Panarchy's Proprietary Resilience Analysis framework, I gained the skills to assess a company's sustainability journey's maturity. Additionally, while working on the climate-related opportunities project, I discovered how companies view climate change challenges as opportunities for growth rather than mere risks to adapt to. Overall, my time at Panarchy Partners has been enriching, and the mentorship received will have a lasting positive impact. I am immensely grateful for this fantastic opportunity and for the wonderful people I've met during this internship.’

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