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Singapore Management University

Yasmin is currently a sophomore year Business Administration Undergraduate planning to pursue a second major in sustainability. She strongly believes that businesses are the biggest changemaker in driving sustainable development and the financial sector can be very powerful in driving these changes.  She specifically took up the Panarchy internship to learn about sustainable investing and explore if she could make create a bigger impact through working in firms that engage in sustainable investing after taking on various internships in companies driving sustainable initiatives.

“This internship has allowed me to learn about the best sustainability practices from various companies across different sectors and countries. It’s heartening to see that over the years, many companies are taking a more conscious effort to improve their ESG practices and be more transparent. I realized that the beauty of sustainable investment is that you can help firms that you believe in improve their sustainability practices!”

Good corporate governance is a crucial contribution to the success of a firm. For my project, I was given the opportunity to work on an interesting study to explore how governance factors (board gender diversity, board independence, board size, CEO tenure, and the presence of CSR committee) affect firms’ resilience score and financial performance. Outside of work, we were also given the opportunity to give back by volunteering with Willing Hearts and helped with a gardening project. Very thankful to be given the opportunity to intern at a company that is a role model in the industry and to walk out from this internship learning so much over a short period of time! Thank you, team Panarchy for the mentorship as well as the unique and wonderful experience! 

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* Please note interns work, views and opinions expressed here do not represent the view or voice of Panarchy Partners 

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