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National University of Singapore

Willis is a third-year undergraduate from the Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) programme at NUS. Specialising in environmental geography, he is interested in studying human-nature interactions and finding ways for society to become more sustainable in the future. As with any other BES student, Willis spends a sizable portion of his free time in nature, be it guiding nature trails at Pasir Ris Park or MacRitchie Reservoir or just exploring green spaces with his peers. 

Through this internship, I learnt how to better breakdown information that a company reports to make better evaluations on whether a company is sustainable or not. As I did not have much experience looking into these aspects of sustainability, it was an eye-opening learning experience for me as I explored the 4 capitals of Panvesting! I also managed to do a project on the Singapore Green Plan to examine the interactions between the public and private sector, which was something I did not think about previously. Thank you everyone at Panarchy for internship experience and my mentor Davina for guiding me through this period! 


* Please note interns work, views and opinions expressed here do not represent the view or voice of Panarchy Partners 

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