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Sustainability Analyst / Panvestor


Wei Xiong has tried his hand in multiple engineering roles in both the private and public sector but have always been interested in sustainability and its relevance to businesses. His professional interest lies in the opportunity to reconcile the current difference between sustainability and financial profitability in order to make it mainstream.


Wei Xiong holds a Bachelor in Environmental Engineering (Distinction).


A sporty and outdoors enthusiast, fitness and health has always been an integral part of Wei Xiong’s life. He has climbed Mount Kinabalu and hopes to scale many more mountains in the future. Wei Xiong has also competed in multiple powerlifting competitions and have come to appreciate the marginal gains theory.



I’m excited to be joining a purpose driven company that is looking to invest in companies that are purpose driven and motivated to make change in the four main capitals. The journey may not be smooth sailing but I believe that it would be worth it!

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