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Stephanie Nash is the Chief People Officer and Head of Global Ventures at ChapmanV. In this role, she provides guidance across a broad portfolio of business interests and innovations in human resources. This includes ChapmanCG, a global HR executive search firm, the Thrive HR Exchange, an online community platform for HR professionals and investments in HR technology start-ups. She has more than two decades’ experience as a human resources leader working across the United States, Asia, Australia and South America. During this time, she served in senior HR roles for Fortune 500 companies, including Vice President of Human Resources Asia-Pacific at Allergen, Senior Director Human Resources Asia Pacific at Microsoft, and Group Manager, Human Resources, Base Metals at BHP Billiton. Prior to joining ChapmanV, Stephanie held the role of Chief People Officer at RedMart, where she oversaw the growth of the Singapore-based technology and ecommerce platform through to the sale to Lazada-Alibaba Group. 

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I am honoured to be a part of the Panarchy Stewards of Purpose. As an Advisor and long-time HR professional I believe that the people strategy plays a central role in enabling employees to successfully contribute to the business through a combination of productivity as well as engagement measures. As such, I am particularly pleased to see that Panarchy Partners differentiates itself by including Human Capital as a key criteria for investment.

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