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University of Cambridge

Nic is a penultimate-year economics student from the University of Cambridge. In an attempt to find a career with purpose, he took up an internship at Panarchy Partners to see how the finance industry can be tied in with a strong mission to target ESG issues. 

'Interning at Panarchy Partners has made me acutely aware of ESG landscape in APAC and Europe, and how much more has to be done to prevent irreversible damage to our planet. It has taught me that financial growth can happen alongside improvements in environmental, social, and human capital - both are not mutually exclusive. 


'During my time here, I was rotated around different projects and had the valuable opportunity to expose myself to the hard work that goes into operating an ESG fund management. I worked with my fellow Panvestors on analyzing various companies' resilience in ESG matters, projecting the greenhouse gas emissions for the fund portfolio, and improving the database processes, amongst many other exciting projects. Also, I was thrilled to witness the planning and execution of Panarchy Partner's annual Global Panvest Forum. I had an exciting time doing event photography for such an impactful event, and I was humbled to be at the heart of such an essential conversation about sustainability and the environment. Throughout my internship, I felt like I was part of the Panarchy team - an inclusive team with an unrivalled passion for driving change through promoting greater accountability and transparency in companies. Ultimately, this internship was a strong learning opportunity for me, and it opened my eyes to many critical global issues that must be addressed urgently.'

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