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Founding Panvestor, CIO


Munib has been investing for almost 30 years. He started his career in Sydney, Australia with the likes of Equitilink Investment Management and Aberdeen Asset Management where he  focused on Australian Equities. In 2005, he moved to Singapore with Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM), to broaden his equity focus. He was at MSIM for 14 years and had assignments such as PM Emerging Markets Team, Chief Investment Officer Asia and CO-PM Active International Allocation Strategy. After leaving MSIM in 2018, he founded Panarchy Partners with a strong belief in the philosophy of Panvesting.  


Munib has been a student throughout his life. He received a Bachelor of Business (First Class Honors), LLB from University of Technology, Sydney. He also obtained his CFA Designation in early 2000. In 2018, he went back to school to sharpen his skills as a Panvestor and in June 2020, he graduated from the National University of Singapore with a MSc Environmental Management (MEM).


Family time, running marathons and Fandango Does Dgama (Jazz Band) helps him maintain a balance and a sustainable career drive. Marathons have not only shaped his behaviour as a long term investor but the ones in Pyongyang and Arctic Circle have also helped him raise funds for personal causes. Jazz improvisation in a band allows him to take risks with the support of a team.

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"In almost 3 decades of investing, the definition of a good investment has not changed. What has changed is the definition of a good company. At Panarchy Partners we aim to identify those good  companies that are also good investments"

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