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National University of Singapore

Megha is currently in her final semester of study at the National University of Singapore (NUS), reading Political Science. Her study abroad experience in Geneva was emblematic in kick-starting her interest in analysing the complexities of sustainability and its effects on human communities, especially after she witnessed the growing environmental activism in Europe.


Her desire to learn more about sustainable business behaviour, and hunger to make sense of her personal encounters by translating them into practical understandings, led her take on an internship with Panarchy Partners in her final semester alongside her studies.

'I had a fantastic time interning with Panarchy Partners. I believe that I stumbled across some of my best mentors after entering the team, and I really appreciated how my daily interactions with the Panarchy team had such a critical role to play in building and deepening my understanding of sustainability.'


'Given my social science background, working with Panarchy Partners gave me practical insight as to how sustainability can be operationalised in the business world; through the facets of human, social and environmental capital while maintaining high standards in financial output. I sincerely do believe that Panvesting should and will become an industry standard one day, because of its holistic approach.'

'Panvesting recognises, and actively functions on the understanding that the human society is fundamentally part of an interdependent ecosystem with multiple stakeholders (i.e. human communities & the environment) - and it is high time that other industry professionals recognise this too.'

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