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Manisha is a Third Year at Yale-NUS College, majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Arts and Humanities. She is passionate about analysing the influence of culture and social patterns on environmental practices. She hopes to find ways of effective communication that bridge the gap between climate scientists and companies to transform perceptions of nature and enable a shift in environmental practices. She enjoys composing and performing music and theatre, and using these art forms to inspire connection with nature.  

'Through this internship, I have gained much perspective on the link between sustainability and investing. I learnt how to measure environmental, human and social capital and present them in an understandable way to others. I now see how sustainability can and must be communicated as the new direction for companies. My perception of 'impact' has also changed through this internship. I learnt that the biggest impact can also be made by companies with the biggest emissions. Finally, I contributed to the Asian Environmental Action Fund in my investigation of Electrical Utilities and Renewable Energy. I am so grateful to the Panarchy team for all their guidance and willingness to teach me.'

Manisha Saigal Intern photo.jpg
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