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Sustainability Analyst / Panvestor


Kaia started her career in medical research but in 2012 she decided to turn her biggest passion into action and started a new venture as a consultant in sustainability. She has strong ambitions to uncover best practices and create new opportunities for companies who want to further develop their human, environmental and social capitals. Kaia has helped a multitude of clients develop comprehensive sustainability strategies, data management systems and targets. In return, she gained valuable insight from her clients on innovation and stakeholder engagement that are important factors for continued progress in sustainability performance. She will use her skills and experience to further the resilience research and analysis at Panarchy Partners.


Kaia holds a triple Master’s: In Environmental Management from Singapore, in Molecular Neuroscience (with commendation) from Bristol, UK and a MSc in Biophysics and Medical Technology from Trondheim, Norway and Toulouse, France.


Kaia loves being in nature and reading up on topics which opens her mindset. Growing up in Norway, she spent a significant part of her spare time training competitively in figure skating. She also treasures hanging out her family and friends.

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Being part of a team of Panvestors is uplifting and energising! When I see a process or a system, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make improvements. I am open to crazy ideas. We can change status quo, we can implement a more circular economy or go low carbon. I believe that as humans, we can turn our work into poetry; and create something new and beautiful.

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