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National University of Singapore

Kacine is a final year student from the National University of Singapore pursuing a major in Linguistics and a minor in Psychology. She strongly believes that language is a powerful and revealing tool, and challenges herself to learn other skills to refine the psycholinguistics analysis she conducts. Her personal philosophy is that everyone’s presence is politicised and therefore, the work she engages in should be purposeful. As such, she gravitates towards the field of social impact and sustainability.

'This internship has been nothing short of enlightening and engaging. I learnt Panarchy’s Resilience framework, and applied it in my analysis of companies’ ESG commitments. I was also exposed to the fundamentals of financial analysis. 


My personal project involved analysing the Chemicals industry for the AEAF project. This involved evaluating various companies’ sustainability targets and innovations, which I presented in a research deck after conducting a competitor analysis to identify which company produced the most legitimate efforts. 


I am extremely grateful for this internship experience: everyone was very welcoming and eager to share their insights and feedback. We were also presented with various learning opportunities that allowed us to grow as interns. Thank you to the Panarchy team for creating such a valuable experience for us!'

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