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Singapore Management University

Joshua is currently pursuing his undergraduate business degree with a major in Finance. As a firm believer that everyone can change the world, he took up the internship at Panarchy Partners (Mission: Be the change you want to create) in his third year of undergraduate studies to experience first-hand how ESG fund managers are shaping the corporate world to be more sustainable and accountable to all stakeholders.


“Learning under Panarchy Partners made me greater appreciate sustainability alignment, if I may, which is in other words, confirming if what companies are doing are in line with what they claim to aspire to. And the data for that is everywhere – being resourceful and having a critical mind to make sense of it are skills I have honed throughout my time as an intern.


Another rewarding part of the internship experience is getting to choose a project of interest during the second half of the internship, in which I chose to analyse Asia’s Oil and Gas companies in transition to a low-carbon future using tools like the Transition Pathway Initiative. The opportunity to do so alongside the guidance of the Panarchy team allowed me to better understand that space and anticipate where those companies are likely to head to in the future.

Apart from that, the culture at Panarchy Partners has been fun and eye-opening – a diverse, friendly, and open-minded team with an acceptance of a variety of opinions is something I am thankful for and have learned a lot from. Many thanks to Panarchy Partners for this internship opportunity!”

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