National University of Singapore

Johanna is currently doing her undergraduate degree in Social Work and Southeast Asian studies. Not content with staying within one field of study, as evinced by her two majors, she participates in an interdisciplinary course at university in order to cultivate a more holistic perspective. She believes that hands-on experience is the best teacher, hence her decision to take up an internship to learn about the finance sector.

I really enjoyed my internship with Panarchy Partners. I learned a lot, especially about how ordinary people can shape corporate behaviour. Through my internship, I came to appreciate the complexities involved in trying to encourage corporations to conduct business in a much more ethical and sustainable way. As people increasingly begin leading more conscious and sustainable lifestyles -- and demanding the same from corporations -- I think that panvesting will one day become an industry standard. Conversely, corporations wield strong influencing power on consumers and communities, and this influence can be used to encourage sustainable behaviour. I believe that panvesting is capable of building on both these forces to create a virtuous cycle of sustainability.

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