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Singapore Management University

Hannah is a final year student at Singapore Management University, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management and a Bachelor of Social Science. Hannah believes that achieving long-term sustainability can be an invaluable asset and that corporations are at the forefront of improving futures.


“During my internship at Panarchy Partners, I have learnt how to evaluate companies from a sustainable perspective. The skills I’ve developed from the Resilience Analysis is extremely useful in identifying genuinely sustainable companies, a skill that is much needed today.


I have also learnt how to conduct industry research, understanding how green movements are impacted by policies, innovation and consumer behaviour. My project, which focuses on green mobility in India, has taught me to critically evaluate trends and opportunities in the market.


A huge thank you to the Panarchy team for mentoring and guiding me at every step of the way. Thank you for showing that sustainability is also about cultivating the next generation.”

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* Please note interns work, views and opinions expressed here do not represent the view or voice of Panarchy Partners 

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