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National University of Singapore

Gzenn is a penultimate year undergraduate reading Real Estate with a specialisation in Real Estate Finance. She has a deep interest for sustainability and investments, and believes that capital drives the most change in society. She advocates that impact investing not only contributes to better financial returns but also revolutionises the world for the better. Apart from work, she enjoys playing sports, doing arts and craft and embarking on new adventures.

During her 10 week internship with Panarchy Partners, she honed the skill of analysing companies based on their sustainability efforts using the resilience analysis framework. Tying her real estate knowledge to sustainability, she ended her internship with a research project on the impact of green building certifications on businesses. She aspires to make the real estate sector greener for the betterment of our world!

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* Please note interns work, views and opinions expressed here do not represent the view or voice of Panarchy Partners 

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