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Sustainability Analyst / Panvestor


Esther first discovered her interest in sustainability while studying for a bachelor’s degree in fashion management. Since then, she has found purpose and meaning in driving sustainable development to benefit communities, businesses, and the environment. Esther’s experience collaborating with stakeholders from NGOs, the private and public sectors has enabled her to view sustainability-related challenges and opportunities from different perspectives. She applies this insight to her research and analysis work at Panarchy Partners.


Esther holds an MSc in Environmental Management from the National University of Singapore. She received the “Kimberly Clark-MEM Best Dissertation Award 2019/2020” for her research into the drivers and barriers for consumer adoption of circular business models in the clothing industry. Esther also holds a BA (Hons) in Fashion Management from LASALLE College of the Arts.


Esther is an avid bird watcher and inline skating enthusiast; both hobbies have taught her patience and perseverance. She also loves the game of rugby and was a team captain in her years living in Hong Kong.

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It is my personal and professional aspiration to find purpose in everything, as purpose indicates that we play a part in something more significant than ourselves. With this in mind, I am thrilled to journey with Panarchy Partners to find purpose in investments, and valuable, sustainable returns on all forms of capital.

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