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National University of Singapore

Dung is currently a penultimate year Undergraduate student pursuing a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation and Design. Having a passion for social enterprise, most of his work experiences centre around using technology and finance to contribute to society. He is the co-founder of HiveBotics, a start-up looking to automate cleaning processes to reduce the physical workload of cleaners while upskilling them. He is also one of the founders of MyBelle, a global award-winning social enterprise that aims to reduce maternal mortality in Nigeria through a digital toolkit. He embarked on the Panarchy Internship to better understand sustainable investing in effort to grow his companies.

“I was focused on 3 main tasks over the course of the 3-month Panarchy Internship; firstly, I learnt how to assess the ESG goals of companies to see if they were on track to achieving them. I also helped the company refine their database by standardising their current research into a single Excel sheet using VBA.


My mentors also guided me on a personal project on Hydrogen, an emerging and growing field that I am extremely interested in. I assessed current companies’ investments in hydrogen, as well as global projects in place to replace traditional internal combustion engine vehicles with hydrogen-fuelled ones.


My experience with Panarchy has definitely been enlightening and eye-opening. I sincerely thank the team and my mentors for their consistent guidance and advice.”

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