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Partnership & Stewardship Panvestor


Davina started her career in funds management with Scottish Widows Investment Partnership in 2008. She followed that with 3 years at CLSA London before she moved to Singapore in 2013 with Coupland Cardiff Asset Management where she had multi-sector responsibility with a specialisation in Asian consumer, internet, telecom, environment and equity investment recommendations. 


Davina holds a MA from the University of Edinburgh in Economics and Chinese and a Master’s in Chinese Business from The University of Leeds. She is also a CFA Charterholder.


She is a certified iRest® meditation teacher, regular silent retreat goer and believe in the power of meditation and conscious thought in healing the systemic issues plaguing our planet today. In 2016, she climbed Kilimanjaro to support Polar Bears International.


Panarchy Partners has allowed me to expand my views on how traditional investing needs to change. My role has given me a tremendous opportunity to grow professionally and become an advocate for what aligns with my own values and view of the world. I no longer have to compartmentalise my personal and professional beliefs on key issues that impact everyone on sustainability. 

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