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David Mah

Nanyang Technology University

David is a Final Year student at Nanyang Technological University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth Systems Science. Stemming from a deep-seated interest and passion for the outdoors, David is constantly seeking new opportunities and exploring ideas at the intersection between sustainability and other fields. Currently, David is working at an insect farm, solving the pressing problems of food waste, overfishing, and meat-free protein. 

In his free time, David enjoys trekking, swimming, and learning tricks on his skateboard. 

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During his internship at Panarchy Partners, David produced a report entitled “SDGs for businesses – a primer”, consolidated report of the corporate tools and frameworks available for SDG alignment, action management, and reporting. In producing the report, David analysed the SDG alignment of the 250 companies within the Panarchy Partners sustainable universe. 


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