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Rakshit Bidani

Singapore Management University

Rakshit is currently a penultimate year Undergraduate student pursuing a Marketing Analytics major. He has a keen interest in understanding different markets and is a firm believer that the financial sector can drive the greatest sustainable change. He specifically took up the Panarchy Internship to understand how MNCs are able to drive large scale change, and the ideology behind Sustainable Investing.



“Over the course of the 10 weeks i gained a deeper understanding into the effective KPI's in assessing sustainability of a firm and its importance, for investors, to deliver consistent returns. 


Alongside the Resilience Analysis, I was given an opportunity to engage in a 5 week long personal project. It was the most fulfilling experience as it allowed to me to explore Impact Measurement, a field of study that I had been curious about. Such an opportunity is unique to the Panarchy Internship! It feels great to have come out with immense knowledge, direction and to have worked alongside such bright minds!

A big thanks to the team at Panarchy for all the mentoring and guidance!”

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