National University of Singapore

Sumedha is a Final Year Communications and New Media graduate from the National University of Singapore. She believes that the 4-tier sustainability is the future of the corporate world as being conscious towards the society, environment and one’s employees has always been the need of the hour.


Interning with the Panarchy team has inspired me to contribute to the field of sustainability and hence, I am currently interning for a water technology startup in Singapore that aims to enable universal access to clean drinking water to developing regions of the world. 


I had never done a sustainability focused internship before. Interning with Panarchy made me realize the vitality of being ethical and respectful when conducting business at any level. It was inspiring to witness and be part of such a driven team of Panvestors who work so passionately with companies that have the potential or already have a track record of respecting and investing in the 4 capitals. The team is driven by a common purpose to redefine impact investing and walk the talk by being conscious of these 4 capitals in their own thriving firm in Singapore.

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