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National University of Singapore

 Benedict is a second year student from the National University of Singapore, with a double specialisation in Finance and Marketing. He enjoys sports, music and loves cars. Looking for an internship that would give him a broader experience into the world of Finance, he took up the Panvestor Internship with Panarchy Partners to learn more about how sustainability contributes to the decision-making process of investing in our future. 

'My experience with Panarchy Partners has been a fruitful and nurturing experience. The team has in place a well structured internship that allows us to learn about how they use the various aspects of sustainability to make more informed decisions about how and whether to allocate capital to certain companies. During the internship, I was given the chance to take a deep dive into the true sustainability efforts of a company and how to determine whether their efforts were genuine or just superficial marketing. At the end, I was given the opportunity to work on the Transport sector for the Asian Environmental Action Fund and got to see the effects these companies have on our world. However, it was not all just work in the office as Panarchy Partners takes time out of its schedule to give back to the community outside of the office. The overall experience has allowed me to work with a wonderful team, patient and nurturing mentors and a company that practices what they preach! Thank you for the chance to learn so much with such a great company!'

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