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An announcement, without preamble

Beloved investors of this generation

In front of you 4 forms of capital are gathered

Financial, Social, Human and Environmental

And now you all must choose

Which form contains the most untapped potential

Which one shall win your funds and adoration

And which ones, sadly, must lose

As Financial Capital let me say

Dear investors I have never led you astray

So now my friends, let me attest

Why in myself you should invest

I’m the gold standard, you can depend

In me you’ll find your dividends

Through the boom and the bust

Through the highs and the lows

just give me all your trust

and your market wealth grows

not long ago I was the new boy on the block

When finance was the latest thing

Now everybody’s taking stock

And you all know the wealth I bring

Time was when finance was the rarity,

Resources abundant and money the scarcity

But how Times have changed, I now number in trillions

bringing plenty and comfort to untold millions.

From the east to the south

From the west to the north

From all the four corners

New funds are brought forth

From Industry, commerce, and trading at port

To gleaming towers of glass and steel

Through routers and servers my wares are bought

And everyone sees finances appeal

I’ll double your funds, I’ll double your worth

No need to worry about the earth

Its limitless growth, untapped potential

No need to be cautious or prudential

New money, old money, get rich quick

They all jump over my candlestick

I’ve worked out the charts, my figures are right

Invest in my futures and your futures are bright

I’m up to date with every scene

The only colour I see is green

I care not for race, nor gender nor creed

I support who you love and take care of their needs.

Let my Invisible hands caress you

Let my premiums protect you

I take the risks, I take the hits

With finance, everyone respects you!

I change with the times, from Analog to digital

Fully customised to every individual

Whether your coin purse is silver or bit

Invest in me, I’ll make you a hit!

Invest in ME. Invest in ME.

Dear Hiring Manager.

I am writing in regards to your advertisement. I would like to list for you the top reasons why

you should hire me….

I possess a strong work ethic

Am dependable, committed and loyal.

I’m adaptable and am an excellent communicator.

I am self-motivated as well as team orientated…



Was sitting in the boardroom the other day

A real boys club you could say

You work so hard for equal pay

Yet respect is sometimes hard to find when your gender is not the same as mine.

Perhaps if you took the time,

To learn about the person behind the face you see,

You’d realise how much more I could be.

Allowing me a voice in no way diminishes yours

It creates room for a more balanced conversation

After all I make up 50% of the population

My skills, some different, are just as effective

I’ll always offer a fresh perspective

The research is sound,

I build people up not tear them down

Flexibility, problem solving and emotional intelligence, I possess

All I am asking you for is fair access.

Think of how much more we all could be,

If you invested in me.


Am the IT guy in the office

And a mathematics tutor at night

My mental sum game is unstoppable

All this and I’m handicapable

My colleagues love to joke and jab

And this would all be fine

If they weren’t constantly pointing out that I am half blind

It doesn’t take two eyes to see

how much more I could be.

Never defined myself by one feature,

Instead I’ve always seen it as chance to go further.

Including me will only lead to greater diversity

Allowing for creativity and innovation

Which helps us slay the competition

Learning about the various accommodations

Will expand your knowledge about the way different people function

Empowering and enabling others will always end in celebration

Think of how much more we all could be,

If you invested in me.


Was told that age is just a number

Yet when you’re older, they expect you to slumber

Replacing you with the shiny and new

Forgetting that my youth was once theirs too

I remember a time when my voice was fresh and welcome,

Now, some say its lost momentum.

Give me the chance and you’ll see how much more I can continue to be.

Dear hiring manager,

If you invest in me,

My diversity is an asset not liabilities

That it creates a wealth of opportunities

But first,

That change has to start with you.

If you invest in me,

They will too.

Invest in Me, and you’ll see, how much more we all could be

Invest in Me, Invest in Me.

Hello Investors!

I see you as a group, the society, not as separate individuals

That’s why I am called SOCIAL CAPITAL

Remember what they said when you were kids?

Be respectful, they said

Be trustworthy, they said

Be credible, they said

Be loyal, they said

Don’t lie, they said

Take care of your reputation, they said

In short, adapt me, be socially good, they said

And the rest would be taken care of, they said

Look around, at times you see these are absent

Makes you wonder if you can make a desired arrangement

“Of course you can” I say,

It’s in your hands to make things okay

Hmm..Checking for harmful ingredients on the packet

You have done that before, am sure, at the supermarket

To not be discriminated in life, for others too you desire

The products hasn’t made someone sick, you hope as a buyer

Remember the recession?

The companies that lasted and stayed listed

Were the ones that cared for social good and committed

While those that cared solely on finance

Assuming the rest would follow, failed the chance

So remember, all that glitters is not really gold

Thought of a safer future should you uphold

“How” you ask? Well, I say in me should you invest,

When you know better, You do better

It starts with you, the choice is yours

Oh there are companies/institutions, that are wise

Not to risk losing their license and to be nice

They fund for community projects

And ensure fair working standards

And you, my friends, I say, should pledge to support to make more possibilities

Of hope and sincerity I believe, with responsibility

You can make the difference you want

Nurture me, foster me, I am all that you need and want

You know I am a keeper, I would never fail you

Be smart, to make a conscious choice, that’s on you

When you know better, You do better

That’s why I say, in me should you invest!

I say, Think about it!

Dear Investors, Social Capital am I,  don’t you jest

Nurture me, grow me, In me you must invest.

Invest in Me, invest in Me.

I am the environment.

I am the world you live in.

The air you breathe, the water you drink, the ground beneath your feet.

I am the fish in the sea and the leaves on a tree.

I am the environment.

If you only use me, if you only take from me,

If you abuse me, you will BREAK ME.

And when I am destroyed, I will cause DESTRUCTION.

Yes, I am climate change.

I am the rising tide. I am the heat of every wildfire, and the drought that cracks the earth.

For you see, I am finite,

But I am also infinite.

Because the earth is an ecosystem with the means to heal itself,

but only if you give it a chance.

And the good news is that it’s not too late to mitigate the climate change in advance.

You could have clean water, and clean air, and a clean, green, healthy earth.

So if you are wise, listen to my advice and put your money where it’d really be worth.

Invest in me, and I am renewable energy. Solar power, wind power, hydropower.

Invest in me, and I am innovative technology, finding new and better ways to use less but

produce more.

Invest in me, and I am sustainability. Sustaining life. Sustaining you.

Did you or did you not invest in the house that you now live in?

Did you or did you not invest your time, your energy, your money in making it a place you want

to call home?

Will you or will you not invest in the world that you now live in?

Will you or will you not invest your time, your energy, your money in a place that you, your

children, your grandchildren, and every child that follows will want to and must call a home.

Invest in a clean and green and healthy earth.

Invest in the world you live in

Invest in Me, Invest in Me

Though your importance is plain to see

None Of you would thrive without me

I am the fuel that feeds this fire

You are free and easy, enjoy the ride, I am no liar. 

ALL Capitals scream as one.

Invest in Me, Invest in Me, Invest in Me

Investors, in Human, Social and Environmental capital we are also vested

No doubt Financial returns are time tested

Other capitals we cannot ignore, nor any longer oppress

Respect all forms of capitals, endow they will, fair returns and progress

Invest in us, Invest in us, Scream All (Pan) forms of capital

Invest not in one but all of us

As Investors evolve and make a change

PANVEST in us! PANVEST in us

Why wait?

Be the change you want to create!

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