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Panarchy Partners, headquartered in Singapore, supports Institutional Investors on their sustainability and impact journey.


Institutional investors such as SWFs’, Family Offices, Asset Managers, Pension Funds, Endowments and Foundations are augmenting their investments “risk-return” outcomes with known sustainability and impact consequences. Panarchy Partners supports them in becoming Consequential Investors

As our societies, demographics, technologies, economies and climate evolve, a new breed of investors emerges, dubbed "Consequential Investors," who prioritize not only financial returns but also the broader impacts of their investments on all stakeholders. This shift reflects a changing paradigm where shareholders recognize themselves as part of a larger ecosystem, necessitating a recalibration of investment decision-making frameworks to account for environmental, social, and human capital alongside financial metrics. As we navigate this transition, embracing a stakeholder-centric approach to investing, we move beyond traditional yardsticks of success, aiming for outcomes that enrich not only shareholders but society at large.

With its origins as Singapore’s First B Corp® Certified funds management company and architects of the “Panvesting” philosophy, Panarchy Partners was founded in 2018 by a passionate team of investment professionals who aspire to redefine wealth and how it's created.  

 “As Panvestors we aim for Respectful, Resilient and Purposeful Investments” 

Why do we exist? - Our Purpose 

“Together with capital owners and users we aim for a better future for the world” 


What do we do?


“We help redefine wealth and how its created” 

How do we do that? 

By “Panvesting and Partnering" 



The mission of Panarchy Partners is to help as many institutional investors as possible to become consequential investors. This objective is pursued through leveraging our extensive expertise in investment strategies, informed by the overarching principles of our Panvesting philosophy. Central to this philosophy is the equitable consideration of human, social, environmental, and financial capital, thereby fostering a holistic approach to investment practices.

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We are inspired by the theory of Panarchy, which is a framework describing the sustainable relationship between humans, human-created systems (both social and economic) and the environment, whereby each party needs to act and react to each other in a healthy and respectful way.

Munib Madni,

Founding Panvestor


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