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University of Cambridge

Having just completed his National Service, Hari is due to start studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Hari has a deep interest in all things science as well as a passion for the environment. When he has the opportunity to focus his degree in his third year, he is looking to major in material science engineering in the hope that he will develop a set of skills and perspectives that will help him to contribute to the environment in a positive manner. 

During his internship, along with his resilience analyses, Hari had the opportunity to look into the role of the plastic package in preventing the many issues of food waste and food loss and to explore whether RFID tagging of packaging could be a potential solution.

“Interning at Panarchy has opened my eyes to the many different ways in which the word ‘sustainability' can be interpreted. It has been fascinating to see the creativity with which leading companies tackle the various sustainability issues that are relevant to them and inspiring to see that the Panarchy team are so committed in their search for these genuinely leading companies.”


* Please note interns work, views and opinions expressed here do not represent the view or voice of Panarchy Partners 

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